Inspirational ADHD

Most descriptions of ADHD focus on the negative aspects and neglect to mention the real advantages to having ADHD. Be assured there are plenty of highly successful adults with ADHD who direct their boundless energies, enthusiasm and creativity to making extraordinary contributions to society.

Positive ADHD attributes include:

  • High energy, a good leader, entrepreneurial
  • Creative, thinks outside the square, a problem solver
  • Intuitive, insightful, enterprising
  • Tenacity
  • Warm-hearted, always supporting the ‘under-dog’
  • Trusting attitude
  • Forgiving attitude
  • Super sensitive, enabling empathy in most
  • Ability to take chances, risks
  • Loyalty, never forgets a good friend or deed
  • Good sense of humour, the life of the party
  • Strong sense of justice for all
  • Can hyper-focus on favoured activities, computers, computer games, sport etc
  • Does well in the arts, acting, music, singers and song writers, comedians….
  • Not all people with ADHD have all these traits, but there is a distinct ‘ADHD personality’ and these qualities describe some of the very powerful positives of ADHD.

Billy Connolly, Robin Williams, Henry Ford, Winston Churchill, Richard Branson, Whoopie Goldberg, Michael Phelps, Ty Pennington, Bear Grylls …and many many more!

How people with ADHD find success:

  • They realise that mistakes and failure don’t spell the end of the world. Rather they use those experiences to learn and grow.
  • They do what they love to do. The people who succeed are always in careers they really love.
  • They know that their ability to hyperfocus is their biggest strength. This gives them the persistence and energy to succeed.
  • They have discovered the importance of exercise. Especially outdoor activity which allows them to cope with their ADHD stress.

A true story:

“I am 34 and have ADHD + Anxiety + Hyperventilation syndrome and as a teenager extreme ODD & substance abuse. I was a lifelong textbook for most traits and behaviours, teachers didn’t like me, drinking/sex 13, reckless driving, criminal behaviour, average/low academic achievement, extremely poor maths, difficulty with friendships, alcoholic at 20, then drugs, victim of domestic violence and so on.

I was diagnosed in my twenty’s with ADHD and started medication thinking I would be fixed. I wasn’t!! Methylphenidate just allowed me to slow down and think straight but I had to learn how to plan, organise, stop and think, self discipline etc.

But today I can sit (not completely still) and read, I have a university degree and a high paying job where I am recognised for my organisation skills (GO FIGURE) and I’m literally making all my childhood dreams come true.  For me consistent routine is crucial. Sleep, exercise (at least 30mins day) to become present and lose some energy, diet – no sugar, caffeine or high glycemic carbohydrates, and I must abstain from alcohol and drugs forevermore with the support of narcotics anonymous and I need calm around me, to talk about my feelings, and breathe!

Oh and importantly daily concerta. When I am good, I’m better than a ‘normy’, but when one of those elements in my routine falls down, literally everything falls apart until my insightful hubby reminds me I have ADHD and I can pull myself back into my disciplined routine again. I constantly forget and so it’s a lifelong journey but I can’t believe who and where I am today.”
         –CBH North Shore

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